Welcome to LCYS. We will help you improve your skills one step at a time.

Literacy Council York-Simcoe provides individuals in York-Simcoe with the opportunity, tutoring, training and tools
to improve their reading, writing, numeracy, computer, and life skills.

Today, every person needs more skills than ever to be successful.
Do you need to improve your skills to gain employment, to get that diploma or to keep up in life?
You are not alone; we all start somewhere.
Over more than 30 years, hundreds of people have worked with us to successfully take a first step towards improving their skills.
Your first step could lead you to places you have never imagined!
If you are an adult in the York-Simcoe area who would like to improve your skills,
please go to our Become a Student section to find out how you can take the first step towards your goals.

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