Thank you for supporting our programs that help under-skilled individuals improve their skills for a successful future.

Your contribution will lead to long-term changes in someone’s life, as the gift of learning a skill is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Right now, because of your gift, more adults in York-Simcoe are:
Able to get a job because they have achieved an education diploma/certificate.
Able to apply for a better job because they have improved their computer and employability skills.
Able to communicate with a family member who lives far away because they have learned to email.
Able to write a note to thank someone special.
Able to read a bedtime story to their children or read the correct medication information.
Able to experience the adventure of reading a novel for the first time.
Able to live with integrity and confidence because their increased skills have benefitted every aspect of their lives.

Your impact can be achieved in different ways. Whether you are making a one time donation, providing grant funds, hosting a third party event, purchasing something from our online store or even paying your membership fee, you are changing someone’s life.  Together we can make a difference!

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