Board & Committee Members


Nadia de Freitas –  Chair
Austin Down –  Vice Chair
Jessica Derreck – Secretary
Maria Antonietta Crupi – Director
Michael Demczur – Director
Nitin Pande – Director
Shawna Kadykalo – Director
Sharon Russell – Director

Board of Directors 1
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Board Member

LCYS has a strong and committed board, that is welcoming of new and dynamic members who are ready to contribute and make a difference.

Nominations for new board members are received in April, although sometimes they are received during the middle of a fiscal year usually only to fill vacancies created by resignation of current members. Prospective board members are asked to submit a written application, are given a tour of our facilities and are interviewed by the nomination committee to orient them as to what we do and what our expectations are for board members. If both the prospective board member and the nomination committee agree that the candidate and organization are a good fit, the candidate is invited to a board meeting to see the board in action. Board members are elected onto the board at the Annual General Meeting.

Committee Member

At LCYS we have working committees who are always looking for new volunteers to help us work on our key objectives.


  • Marketing  and Fund Development Committee
  • HR Committee

If you think you may want to volunteer on one of our committees please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the possibility with you.

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