Tutor & Student Testimonials

  • "Tutoring has been one of the most satisfying tasks I have ever performed. The students` results are impressive. Learning adults are so very much more challenged than full time students as the commitment level is more significant. Working a full time job, perhaps parenting, marriage/partnering and more is demanding in itself. Our students take on this and the impressive task of upgrading their education skills. To have a student thank you for taking time to help them is mystifying to me. I am the one in awe of them as they meet & overcome their challenges. I suppose in the end we are learning from each other. Truly inspiring."

    Debbie M. LCYS Tutor
  • "Tutoring has been such a rewarding experience for me! I was looking for a volunteer job several years ago and couldn't believe that the Literacy Council was looking for someone to help people achieve their goal in life by improving their reading skills. I have been so fortunate to have a student who appreciates books as much as I do and I also feel that I have been able to build confidence in him so that he can feel that he will eventually be able to fulfill his dream of continuing his education. I feel that I have received as much from this experience with him as he may have received from me during the years we have been together."

    Julie S. LCYS Tutor
  • “With the support and materials provided by the Literacy Council I was able to achieve my goals. I attribute this to the encouragement from the staff and my tutor. I would not be where I am now without their help.”

    Student, after 18 months
  • "Just emailed to say hello to all the staff and hope you are all have a wonderful summer. My partner and I are keeping up with what we have learn, big thanks to all the staff."

    Senior Literacy Student
  • "At the age of 82, I knew that I needed to learn more about these things called computers. I came to the council not knowing anything about the computer and the mice that I know did not look like the one that I would learn to make the computer work with. After one year of coming as often as I was able, I purchased a laptop and I have internet in my apartment and I speak to my friends and family with my email account."

    Senior computer literacy student
  • “The Literacy Council has helped me a lot with my reading. The tutors I have had have encouraged me and have provided positive support in my efforts.”

    Student for 11 months
  • “Your program gives better explanations, and working at your own pace is good because you can understand what you are learning. I am finding college different. I am glad I found your program.”

    Student after one year in our program and now attending college

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